Are You a Perennial Traveler?

At Alpenwild, knowing someone’s age is little help in determining if they would enjoy an active tour in the Alps. Instead, we look at the bigger picture. Alpenwild adventures are for active travelers of all ages—We like to call them “Perennials.”  

When people call or email and ask us about an Alpenwild tour, they’ll often ask “what’s the average age of an Alpenwild guest?”. We could go to our client records and calculate the median age of our guests—but that’s not really what they want to know. What they’re asking is “Will I fit in?”. We don’t need to be stereotyped by what “our generation” does. At Alpenwild, we don’t ever assume that all Baby Boomers are workaholics or that all Millennials live in their parents’ basement. Alpenwild adventures aren’t just for Baby Boomers or Millennials. Alpenwild guests are best categorized by their behavior and their mindset. Not their age.

What Does It Mean to be a Perennial?

Perennial is a mindset, not an age group. Perennials are life-long learners who are constantly reaching and pushing up against their growing edge. They have a growth mindset. Perennials are curious, passionate, flexible, generous, and open. Most of all, Perennials are fully engaged in their travel experience and they’re fun to be with.

Alpenwild guests are active and energetic geotravelers. They’re ageless. Whether it’s a classic trek, a hiking tour, a scenic railway journey, or a culinary experience, they’re up for the adventure. They love authentic and distinctive experiences. They’ll see and discover things they would never know about if they were just traveling on their own. They’re connecting with the locals, immersed in the rich traditions, and experiencing the undeniable romance of the Alps.

If that describes you—if that’s the kind of vacation experience you crave, then you would love joining like-minded travelers on an Alpenwild adventure. Alpenwild has always been more than a travel company. We invest in people, experiences, and exploration.

It’s a choice

Being a Perennial is a mindset you can choose. So, choose now to explore the Alps on your next vacation. It can be on one of our award-winning guided tours, or, on a self-guided tour where you can follow your own schedule and set your own pace. Either way—you get a superb Alpine vacation. It’s hassle-free and all the details are taken care of.


3 Replies to “Are You a Perennial Traveler?”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Mesmerizing alps. Spread far and wide across Europe. The Alp is home to some of the most popular and beautiful lakes and mountains in the world. Love this place.

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    Wir sehen Markendesign als wesentlichen Treiber für einen nachhaltigen Markterfolg. Für eine starke und erfolgreiche Marke im digitalen Zeitalter.

  3. Leather Halters says:

    Really Nice Article And Place You Shared. As This Is Not The Time For International Tourism But Whenever Got The Chance I Will Visit This Place For Sure.
    Thank You For Sharing This.

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