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At Alpenwild. We offer all-inclusive tours in the Alps and we know that life is too short to spend time planning a trip. However, one thing that is not included in our tours is the cost of airfare. This is typical in these types of tours. Since the airfare is up to you, we want to share these flight purchasing tips:

Choose An Airline

Now that you know what Alpenwild trip and dates you’ll be enjoying, it is time to book flights. If you don’t already have a preferred airline, we recommend using resources like Google Flights, SkyTicket and Expedia to compare flight prices.

Consider The Arrival Airport

Consider where your tour starts – we recommend flying into the Zurich Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland or Venice, Italy airport depending on the tour you’ve chosen to book.

With regards to proximity, here is a quick guide of which airport is closest to the starting point of various Alpenwild tours:

      1. Geneva, Switzerland (GVA)
        1. Haute Route
        2. Deluxe Tour du Mont Blanc
        3. Deluxe Bernese Oberland Traverse
        4. Discover Swiss Cuisine – French Inspired
      2. Zurich (ZRH, is typically less-expensive to fly in to)
        1. Exploring the Jungfrau
        2. Scenic Alps by Rail
        3. Bernese Oberland Traverse
        4. Discover Swiss Cuisine – Italian Inspired
      3. Venice, Italy (VCE)
        1. Italian Dolomites
        2. Slovenia & The Julian Alps
An Extra Day? Yes, Please!

At Alpenwild, we want you to enjoy your tour. With the fact that it takes an extended period of time to get to the Alps, we recommend flying in to your destination one day early so that you can explore the area or catch up on the zzz’s. Either way, arriving at your destination a day early will be a treat! We offer pre- and post- tour benefits. Please ask your trip specialist for more details.

Imagine the relaxation you’ll feel in the Alps – a land where the earth and sky meet. Photo by Billy Huynh
Book It 

Keep in mind that there are direct flights and connecting flights that you can use to reach your Alpenwild tour destination. Direct flights are long, however they decrease the risk of mis-transferred luggage. Connection flights are nice as they offer a chance to get off the plane, stretch your legs and change up who you were sitting by. (I love people but I’ll be honest, at times this is a life-saver.) If you do book a connection flight, I recommend a layover no less than 1.5 hours. As that will give you time to catch your next flight. Two hours of layover time is perfect to explore the airport and grab something to eat anything more than that for me feels too long unless I have plans to see old friends in that respective city.

Flight Insurance

We recommend buying trip insurance on all travel purchases. Life doesn’t always pan out as planned and investing a little in insurance for peace of mind is worth it. Dave Ramsey’s troublesome “Murphy” seems to sniff out individuals without insurance.

Inform Your Trip Specialist

Once you’ve booked your flight, please call us at 801-226-9026 to inform us of your flight plans. We will take care of you from there and plan your airport shuttle and/or train transportation accordingly!

Wahoo! We cannot wait to see you in the Alps. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email us. 

See you in the Alps!

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